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Re: Invite Friends From Profile

Boone Gorges


Hello to everyone following this thread. I just released version 0.4 of my Invite Anyone plugin, which, as promised, adds the invite-by-email feature.

Here’s what’s new:

– “Send Invites” tab added to the Profile section

– “Send Invites” has two subsections: Invite New Members and Sent Invites

– On Invite New Members, users can enter email addresses, a custom invitation message, and check off some groups that the invited member will receive invitations to when they join the site

– On Sent Invites, users can see all the invitations they have sent, as well as whether or not the member has accepted yet

– When a user accepts an invitation, they receive invitations to all groups to which inviter(s) have invited them, as well as a friendship request from each individual who sent an invitation

– A link is added to group Send Invites pages that goes to the profile Send Invites page and pre-checks the group’s box

– There’s a Dashboard panel for sitewide admins that allows them to control some of the default behavior of the Send Invites page, as well as the visibility of the Send Invites tab. You can create a blacklist of users who are not allowed to send email invitations (good if you have spammers in your community!), limit by blog role, or by length of time since joining the site.

It’s been fairly thoroughly tested, but it’s possible (likely even!) that there are still annoying bugs. Please let me know if you find issues or have suggestions.

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