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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

Hugo Ashmore


I’d echo those comments Mike, but it’s also slightly imposing to ask or even expect DJPaul/Jeff/r-a-y/ to take on board the leadership of things – as much as I would love them to, and would hope they would (I have expressed surprise that as Mods the team appear to have very little useful power and need more @andy take these guys on board to help run the site please, grant them as much access as is possible). What is undeniable though is something needs to be done, agreeing on the detail therein open to minor debate, but much has been expressed. First order of the day ought to be to finish this site of properly, it simply can’t stay like this and remain a credible example of a BP powered site it also needs to function in a manner that we developers need from a community dev forum.

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