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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?



As a very new member to this community, I don’t have much to add to this discussion. That said, I will nevertheless add my two cents. At 38, I’ve been around the block and seen my fair share of good teams and dysfunctional ones. As some have stated, leadership takes on many forms and there are different methods for leading (by decree, by consensus, etc., etc.). In my experience, two of the most important traits a leader can have is: 1. Knowing how to delegate 2. Knowing when to ask for help.

I join others in putting up my hand to let the core developers know that I believe in this project and am willing to help in anyway that I can. I refuse to be a leach and benefit from the hard work of others without somehow contributing myself. For now, the easiest way for me to contribute as a noob is to offer feedback/feature requests and to post solutions to problems (mostly self-created) that I encounter.

Lastly, regarding this site, I will add to the chorus that I find the site slightly confusing

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