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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

Ditto what Paul said, the meat and bones of this thread is not really centered around how to elect leaders, Matt part of the issue is to do with your statement “If you want to get involved, get involved” TBH that is possibly a rather trite statement, many of us here are trying to be ‘Involved’ and finding it hard? there is much feedback of genuine worth from community members that ‘have been around the block a few times’ I myself have been around the block many many times and have much experience of projects and how they can flounder so certain things ring alarm bells with me, and I voice concerns along the way in the hope of drawing attention to and possibly correcting issues, too often though posts simply go unanswered or we go round in circles talking endlessly.

I think that the fact that many of are wiling to persevere with the project and with discussions like this point to the fact that we do consider BP a viable project and one worth sticking with (the thread title is a little on the extreme side and could do with being changed :) ) If I thought BP was a lost cause I would have simply moved on and not be expending time and energy on threads such as this.

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