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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?



I’ve earlier only lent support to other noobs like me at and bought services from BP-developers. I haven’t had much to do with lately since my install of BP works pretty well. I drop by once in a while to see if there’s something new to have a look at. I don’t think that BP will die but the launch of 1.2 at was probably not a step in the right direction. A website as small as mine works fantastic with 1.2. Heavy websites like probably don’t.

I’m also confused by the design of and think that the first step to the evolution of (apart from the trac, I’m not a coder, sorry) is to revise it. If that isn’t mended, people like Jeff Sayre won’t support as much (if I understand your comments correctly). I’m not sure if has to look like a community. Perhaps a rollback to the old forums will be a better choice for now.

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