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Re: Is it possible to create a Community where people can use thier real names ?

Everywhere. Across the whole site members are referred to by their username. You can only see their real name if you open their profile.
So everywhere where there is activity from that user, it refers to them by the username. It doesn’t say “John smith” just made a new post, it says “adfas9343 just made a new post”…seriously what good does that do anyone?

That’s great on a forum, but not for a community with real people that have names.
How do people find each other if it’s all usernames?
How are you promoting yourself if your activities and blog posts are hidden by a name that no one will recognize you by?
How can you have a community site for an organization if the people don’t know who is a member and who isn’t?

It seems that real names would be the default and usernames would be the option for a community site, not the other way around.
Can you imagine Facebook or Linked In if it were all usernames?

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