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Re: Is it possible to create a Community where people can use thier real names ?

I came to this thread and read all the way through hoping I would see the answer at the end of the rainbow. eborg9 totally has a point and boy he sure had to work to make it. eborg9, I feel your pain.

Case in point, I am using BuddyPress for an alumni group. They won’t know what to do with a username other than use it login (would be nice if they just used their email addresses). Usernames are displayed all through my BuddyPress site and there is no way to turn that off. This is counter intuitive for my audience. In fact, for my site they need to see each other SITEWIDE by “first name + last name in school” (aka: maiden names for women). This shouldn’t be so difficult. I’m surprised there isn’t a plugin to modify the Sign Up form and to edit the profile output. I would pay for such a plugin and I know others would. Does one exist that is for sale? I don’t expect to find one for free.

My site members shouldn’t have to navigate to a members directory and do detective work to figure out to discover another members identity if they belong to an open community established so they can communicate.

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