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Re: Is it possible to create a Community where people can use thier real names ?

How is it possible? You can’t use caps or spaces when creating a username and Buddypress uses how can I let me people use their real names. No usernames anywhere. I don’t want them to show anywhere on the site, only for log in purposes.

It’s over complicated. why not just use your name, however you want to write it? If you decide that you want to put a username in the name field then so be it, but why have so many different name options…username, real name, display name…I mean c’mon.

All I want is that when you go to the directory you see people’s real names. when you view the activity stream, you see peoples real names. No user names. Just plain old first and last name that they put in their profile info.

If someone registers and their name is “John Smith” I would like him to be referred to all over the site and listed as “John smith”. When you go to the Directory, I would like his name to be seen, “John Smith” not his username.
How do I make that happen?

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