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Re: Is it possible to create a Community where people can use thier real names ?

I’m not going to insult the decision to code it that way, and I love the software and appreciate the work, but a community of usernames works great for forums, Developers, and game geeks, but organizations of regular people, search directories for their colleagues names, not their WOW monikers.

Anyone that is blogging as a marketing tool, wants their real name, or company name associated with their blog and activities.
Usernames are for web people. Real People use real names.

If we are to apply Buddypress for real communities and organizations, then usernames is a bit juvenile and in many instances, unprofessional.
Limiting the option also limits how you can implement the platform.

I really would like to see BP mature so that we can apply it to any situation. Usernames or nicknames should be an option. You shouldn’t have to hack the core to allow regular people to use their real names.

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