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Re: is there a how to guide anywhere?



Here is a simple guide:

Here is a more involved guide:

Hope it helps… BTW, I’ve posted questions that have gone unanswerd on this site for days..(some weeks) Sooner or later somebody answers, if not -that’s the way it goes when you’re not paying for support and your using an open-sourced product. The guys at offer paid support if you need it. Also the guys at will hire out for projects. The core group of coders here are pretty amazing…

After seaching for a month as to what the best social site software is for my use, I kept coming back to Buddypress because it allowed me the freedom to do what I wanted… The others were very restrictive in their “canned” solutions. I’m pretty happy so far. AND very much looking forward to the major update of WordPress 3.0 Stable, coupled with Buddypress NEW Stable… it looks as though all of the problems that I have had are going to be fixed in a month or so…

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