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Re: Limit Blog Creation to Admins

Burt Adsit


Calls to add_action() that don\’t have a priority have a default priority of 10. If the add_action() call you want to remove doesn\’t have a priority don\’t specify a priority. remove_action() will work fine.

Priorities are how bp arranges the admin bar menu items. If you look at the bottom of the bp-core-adminbar.php you\’ll see all the add_action() calls have a priority. They all respond to the same event which is \’bp_adminbar_menus\’. Each of them has a different priority assigned to it and they are triggered in the sequence of their priority. Want to rearrange the menu or slide something in between bp\’s menu items?

remove_action() them and then add_action() them again with different priorities for a different arrangement of menu items.

Have fun. I\’m done for the day.

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