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Re: Links not working. all show homepage. Permalinks are set but will not work?

John James Jacoby


@darbymanning It looks like you’re using an old BuddyPress theme, with bits and pieces of theme in the wrong spot. Maybe try reuploading BuddyPress and the bp-default theme and try again?

@nathankisanski BuddyPress by default doesn’t use your displayname for the URL, rather it uses either your nicename or login (I forget which at the moment and it switched a few versions ago.)

I think the variations of this issue might come from custom themes and how they’re handling the functions that handle the template loading locations. If BuddyPress looks for a template file in a directory, but that file does not exist, you will get bounced back to the root URL of the installation.

A good example of this happening is if you’re using the old BuddyPress template directory structure, and have the new bp-default theme installed, or vice-versa. Since the old file directory for the members directory was /bp-default/directories/members/index.php (or something like that) and it’s now /bp-default/members/index.php, if BuddyPress is looking for one when really the other is there, you’ll get bounced back to the root when trying to access that page.

If you’re using an old style theme, there’s a global that needs to be set. ‘BP_CLASSIC_TEMPLATE_STRUCTURE’ will tell BuddyPress to look in the old locations for the template files. Set that in your functions.php for your theme.

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