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Re: Major theme pain

@thekmen, It’s pasted at That includes Rich’s additions (except I forgot the last line, but it makes no difference when in). It’s basically a clone of the Default BP theme. (I’ve tried switching to the Default, and it comes up with the same mess in View permalink). Every other page, including WP pages I construct, or Post pages, all appear perfectly well and within the normal theme page structure, ie., correct width, header, sidebar, content, etc.

@nuprn1; Update the css width? Sorry, but my head’s a shed at the moment, with trying to sort out a stack of other inconsistencies.

Edit: I added the following line and the sidebar appears, but in the wrong place. And there’s no header bar and links. My head’s gone! :(

[?php locate_template(array(‘sidebar.php’), true); ?]

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