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Re: Member blogs in subdirectory



Hi, Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the double posting in both wpmu and buddypress forums. Just a bit newbie over-zealousness on my part. I’m moving the post here as it’s more a buddypress integration thing. Haven’t really figured out how to do what I’d like, so here goes a bit of further explanation hoping I can track down a solution.

I want to run my main wpmu/buddypress website in my root using the primary blog to manage the site pages:



* etc.

My primary blog, which I want to be a community one, will be at:


* … etc

Using the buddypress defaults all my member pages are at:


* … etc.

My ideal solution would be to have the member blogs underneath their member pages:


* .. etc.

If that’s possible I’d love it as it keeps all the urls for a member grouped together. Any ideas if this is possible?

If not, then I’d like to have the blogs grouped together in a sub-folder of my root, i.e.:



I’ve tried installing mu/bp in a sub-directory, but that leaves me with no way to manage the root pages via mu/bp. I tried following the WordPress codex advice “Giving WordPress Its Own Directory” but to no avail. It did work with my wpmu installation, but after trying to update my primary blog options I ended up with a database error and now can’t login.

Apologies for being so verbose here, but just trying to figure out if something I’m after is possible. Thanks so much for the help thus far. Cheers, Dan

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