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Re: Member pages all the same widgets



I was wondering if this is what you guys were looking for:

The plugin gives you control of what menus are turned on site-wide for each member. Well, it’s kind of a “global” thing right now, but it seems to take care of disabling back-end menus.

Here’s the description of the plugin:

“….If, like me, you need to hide the Themes or Import Menu, or don’t want anyone messing with their Permalinks menu, or are frightened by the Delete Blog menu, this plugin will help.

Toggles the following in WPMU 2.7

‘Site Administrator Gets Limited Menus?’,


‘Posts Add New’,

‘Posts Edit’,

‘Posts Tags’,

‘Posts Categories’,


‘Links Add New’,

‘Links Edit’,

‘Links Link Categories’,


‘Pages Add New’,

‘Pages Edit’,


‘Media Add New’,

‘Media Library’,



‘Appearance Themes’,


‘Users Authors and Users’,

‘Users Add New’,

‘Users Your Profile’,


‘Tools Import’,

‘Tools Export’,

‘Tools Turbo’,


‘Settings General’,

‘Settings Writing’,

‘Settings Reading’,

‘Settings Discussion’,

‘Settings Privacy’,

‘Settings Permalinks’,

‘Settings Media’,

‘Settings Miscellaneous’,

‘Settings Delete Blog’,

‘WPMU Media Buttons’,

‘WP Media Buttons’,


If you use other plugins to add/disable/hide admin menus, there will be collisions/errors. Happy testing!

Plugins adding menu pages to WPMU 2.7 Adminbar may not be hidden in all browsers.

Favorites menu items toggle as well….”

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