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Re: Member Themes with Subdomain install

John James Jacoby


Goto Site Admin->Blogs and click Edit on your root blog for me.

Under “Path” what do you have set there?

Then under Blog options (wp_1_options) under “Siteurl” what do you have set there? And under “Home”?

I noticed also that you haven’t edited your Member theme’s header.php file yet to match your home theme. Your member theme still wants to direct you to, instead of, which is weird because I see you have a subdomain installation in your WPMU.

It feels like there’s a few different things going on, so lets check those settings first.

Remember, is supposed to be the root of your blog, not the root of your BuddyPress install. The root of your BuddyPress install should just be If you install BP in a subdomain, but also enable subdomains for your blog, you would need to have, if that makes sense?

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