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Re: Members and members admin css



Kevin / Gerikg – Thanks so much for the response … but I fear I’m still in trouble :(. Theres definitely something screwed up with how I have the folders structured. I’ve tacken a screenshot of the directory structure here: (bphome and bpmember) are in wp-content/themes.

You can click around on Right now the the main BP homepage and blog are showing up, but the members, groups and blogs are giving me an error (You do not have any BuddyPress themes installed. Please move “/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/” to “/wp-content/bp-themes/” and refresh this page. You can download more themes here.).

I’ve done that (bphome and bpmember in a ‘bp-themes’ directory in themes) and the entire site gets a white page. In the widgets area I’m told I’m using BuddyPress 1.0.3. I’ve had a base level of success by putting ‘bphome’ into ‘themes’ and ‘bp-themes’ (includes bpmember) into wp-content and the everything shows up, but the CSS styles in members, groups and blogs gets completely lost. Really appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks

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