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Re: Members directory shows blank profile



Alright, to clarify:

  • I have all plugins disabled except Buddypress, including bp-custom.php
  • I have deleted any MU plugins
  • I have the themes that come with buddypress enabled

I indeed have Buddypress down to the way it comes out of the box. I have even deleted all the Buddypress files, and uploaded Buddypress again from a fresh download

Unfortunately, I am not sure about errors on the server’s log files, I don’t have access to that at the moment.

But the way I see it, I have it narrowed down to two possibilities:

  1. It is because I have wordpress (not MU) installed at the root and Buddypress installed at
  2. There is some value in the database that I cannot find that is causing this

I am leaning towards #1, but I can’t think of any real reason why it would behave like that.

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