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Re: messages not working



Oy, just upgraded to 1.0b1 and still have the same problem with messages not working. Here’s what I did for the upgrade:

trial 1) overwrote all plugins with the latest releases (combo download), tested site — messaging didn’t work;

trial 2) deleted all mu-plugins, re-downloaded 1.0b1 (in case the d/l botched the first time), uploaded everything it in their proper locations, tested site — messaging still didn’t work.

I tested private messaging by doing the following:

trial 1) My Account >> Messages >> Compose >> write a message >> Send — pressing Send cleared all fields (Send To, Subject, Message);

trial 2) My Account >> Friends >> My Friends >> click on friend’s profile >> Send Message >> write a message >> Send — pressing Send cleared all fields again;

trial 3) do the same stuff as trial 2 but with a different friend — still the same problem.

Here’s the funny part, when I checked off “This is a notice to all users” the Send button did work. One other piece of information that might help troubleshoot this is that I have this text “(Use username – autocomplete coming soon)” next to the Send To label.

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