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Re: Migration plan from a wp/bbpress site to wp-mu/buddypress site



Is your WP+bb already integrated? If it is, you can probably easily migrate to BP!

I’d probably upgrade your bbPress install to 1.0.2.

Then convert the WP site to WPMU. Here’s a guide I’ve used in the past that might help:

At this point, I’d make sure to see if bbPress integration is properly integrated with your new WPMU setup. The bbPress integration plugin will help here.

I’d then install BuddyPress and try to use your existing bbPress setup.

EDIT: Just read this:

but my bbpress and my wp are 2 different databases, so with bp 1.1 if I combine these, it sounds like it will be easier to integrate these?

Since your bbPress db does not use the same database as your WP install, I don’t think this is going to work.

More info here:

You could probably use BuddyPress’ internal bbPress setup, but then your original bbPress will be separate from BP.

Hopefully someone else can jump in with more info.

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