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Re: mo file uploading broke my 1.2

Boone Gorges


Chouf1 – In my (admittedly limited) sysadmin experience, I agree with DJPaul that 20mb is probably just too small to do what you want to do. (One of the first things I had to do when setting up a server recently was to increase the limit in php.ini) I don’t have exact numbers on WP memory usage (it’s so dependent on which page of WP you’re viewing, of course) but with every plugin or addon that is added, each request to the server gets heavier and heavier.

My guess is that l18n isn’t really the problem here – I don’t think that gettext has that much overhead. I think the problem is that WP + BP is bringing you so close to the PHP per-request memory limit that flipping on the MOs is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The same thing would probably happen if you turned off l18n and started adding BP plugins, especially relatively hefty ones that add new components.

As for your host and Fantastico or whatever he provides for automatic installation: I’d wager that he provides it because it’s what the customer wants. Just because he gives you a way to install WP automatically doesn’t necessarily mean that the system is optimized for WP, and especially for WP + BP, which is a pretty resource intensive add-on.

No one knows yet what the minimum requirements for WP 3.0 will be, as the code is far from being finalized. But I can almost guarantee that you will need *at least* 32MB for PHP requests.

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