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Re: Moderate members



Seems that only fixed the admin panel problem.

However it’s throwing up errors on the front end now.

To be honest I think this plugin is maybe outdated.

I’ll list here my site’s configuration, and what errors I’m getting in-case anyone fancies making this plugin work as it should.

OK.. Groups and Blogs are disabled site-wide (Except for the main site blog).

The setting “Allow new registrations” is set to “Only user account can be created.”

And “Registration notification” set to “Yes”

1st problem (As previously mentioned in this thread)… When I go to the admin panel and try to edit the options for the plugin, and hit save, it throws up the errors that I posted here:

I managed to get rid of those errors by doing as mentioned here:

However… it turns out that was not a fix for the plugin, so I reverted the file back to original state.

OK, I couldn’t edit the emails that would be sent out due to those errors, but I could of worked around that (editing within the file itself)… so I continued to the next step, which was to try and create a new account, to see if the plugin actually done what it’s supposed to.

After entering all my required fields, and hitting the submit button, I was taken to the upload avatar page. I was also shown the “Check your email address for your activation email” notice. Also, at the top of the page these errors appeared:

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home2/puezq/public_html/ on line 639

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home2/puezq/public_html/ on line 642

Since I know only very little php, I had a look to see what those lines were in the plugin php file, but done nothing with them. Here are those lines:

639 $bp_groups_str = implode(",", $bp_groups);

642 $bp_blogs_str = implode(",", $bp_blogs);

So I’m guessing these errors are showing because I have blogs and groups disabled on the site?

However the plugin php file is full of terms relating to blogs and groups, so I saw no point just removing those lines from the file as other errors would appear from somewhere… surely?

Anyway, to see what happened next- I then uploaded an avatar, successfully. The errors at the top of the page disappeared when it was uploaded.

I then clicked on the activation link in the email I received, and logged into the site. I was able to EDIT my profile and browse the site pages normally, but not able to view member profiles, my own public profile, or even view the members search page.

I then received an email saying there was a new member registration (to my admin email)… and the notice also appears in the admin panel saying there’s a user awaiting moderation.

And that’s where Im at.

Come to think of it, and after having read through this post several times now- It seems that the plugin’s actually working… with the exception of those errors that are flagging up in the admin panel (when editing the emails that will be sent out), and at the top of the front end page. Hopefully one of you guys can tell me how to get rid of those errors… or at least the ones on the front end. :-)

This truly does sound like a fantastic plugin, but with non-existent support at the forum link in the README.txt file, I think it can only carry on living if one of you geniuses are willing to fix the bugs.

Unless anyone knows of another plugin that will allow new member moderation? (I have searched, but couldnt find anything).

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