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Re: Most effective/stable events plugin?



I was hoping that helping out at startup was enough, moving bp-events from bp1.0.3 to bp1.1. Given the fast development and change of code, it is not easy to keep up to speed if you don’t active develop. We also need bp-events for our platform, but are busy with groupblog and have some realy, realy cool things coming out for that which will blow your mind.

Given that though, without events our site is dead in the water. I can’t make any promises, or backwards compatibility, but events is definitely a project we are considering adopting (after I talk to my co-worker ). It would still be based on bp-groups, maybe under a different name since it gives us more freedom to move forward. Either way, it would be a while for us to take on such a project (after bp-groupblog is done), but our hand might be forced.

So again, no promises, but we are looking at it. If you have any good alternative names for this plugin, share em. I guess it could be as simple as BuddyEvents.

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