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Re: Multiple blogs on Buddypress



Say I have a site with 2 buttons in the header, “Books” and “Blog”. Blog is my normal WPMU blog which displays all post categories, including “Books”. Books should only display blog posts with the category “Books”. The BP activity stream should display all posts.

The Blog-in-Blog plugin did the trick, but seems incredibly hard to style. I tested a few other similar plugins (some did not seem to work with WPMU) before settling on the “post-page-association-plugin” which works fine. I have it set just to show the first post from the Books category on a custom page.

However, I would like to learn how to code this myself so that I can add some buttons to the the Books page so that the user can display other single books posts by clicking these buttons. Clicking would replace the current books post with the selected books post.

Hope this is less confusing!

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