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Re: Multiple registration




That’s the basic idea. So, people that have joined a specific group can email out their friends to come and join the same group directly. Essentially it would make the registration process unique to how the person was referred to the BuddyPress install.

Kind of like on Facebook, when a friend invites me to be part of Facebook and I’m not a member, then when I sign up I’m automatically their friend. Of course, in this case I want a BuddyPress “group” to be added automatically. I guess it does also make sense to make the person requesting that I join my friend also.

That’s the backend need.

The front end need is to make the registration page a customized landing page based on who requested that you sign up to participate in the BuddyPress install.

Both challenges, but I think the modification of the sign up process like I’m describing will open up some really interesting doors to innovation with BuddyPress. The key for Facebook’s success is getting people signed up. Modifying the registration page to increase conversions seems like a logical next step to making this happen. Just interested in hearing if other people have done it and where I might start looking to make these changes.

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