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Re: Need Testers: Featured Members Widget

Jeff Sayre


Version updated to: 0.5.2

Okay, there have been a few testers of my Featured Members Plugin (widget). Thank you to all who provided feedback. I plan on submitting this plugin to the WP Plugin repository next week. So, if you have tried this plugin (or plan to try it) and have issues with it, please let me know before then.

I have made a few updates to the plugin:

1. I applied BuddyPress Changeset 1244 ( ) to address localization issues.

2. I corrected a minor coding issue that had no performance impact.

Also, this version of the plugin has been tested up to WPMU 2.7.1_beta1 (r1722) and BuddyPress trunk (r1324).

If you plan on using it with the standard BuddyPress theme, you will have formating issues if you place the widget in the center or right columns and select the large avatar size. Basically, the member name gets pushed below the avatar. If that is an issue, either select the small avatar size or look at Mesgains solution above.

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