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Re: NEW Avenue K9 BP 1.1 Theme Released



hey, sorry guys – i’ve been swamped with my wedding and other personal stuff, so big apologies to these unanswered questions and a big ‘thank you’ to DJPaul who stepped in.

so for all of you who want to have the organized, aligned, 3-column homepage a la BP 1.0 style, all you have to do is delete the “layout” folder from the AvenueK9 theme folder (it’s located in avenuek9 >> _inc >> css). it’ll take care of all the widget and alignment issues that have been mentioned here and elsewhere.

also, the slim container issue can be fixed real easily by adding this line “padding: 20px;” to your #container. it’ll be flush with the nav bar and the footer.

if any of you want to have an image logo rather than the h1 text, go ahead and change “display: block;” to “display: none;” in the “#header h1#logo a” element. then, drop in your image tag and play around with “padding-top:” values for “#header”

i’m still running BP 1.0 on my, since i haven’t had any time for the upgrade yet, but once life settles down a bit, you can be sure to hear about further improvements to this theme!

also, i’m much faster at responding to messages, so if it’s urgent, you can try that instead.

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