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Re: NEW Avenue K9 BP 1.1 Theme Released



No worries Mike – and definitely no call for a heart attach. It’s appreciated that you share your work. While your support is great (and accurate and always welcome!), seems like collectively we should be able to figure most of this out.

So, for anyone who has the TWO column version of this theme working (like Mike’s), please share how the heck you got to work. I understand Mike’s directions for the 3 column layout (although I haven’t tried it). I think Mike implies that the two column layout is the default for the avenueK9 theme and this is what I’m trying to implement. My widgets admin backend indicated that I have 3 columns/sections but I would expect it to only have 2 columns for the home page. As shared previously, placing widgets in various combinations within the 3 backend columns/sections results in a mess (which would probably be fixed by deleting the ‘layout’ folder- if you wanted 3 columns). What’s the trick to getting the default 2 column avenuek9 home page?

Mike, we’ll see if someone in this community can enlighten me, but if after your wedding, honeymoon and a few kids, you see this isn’t resolved, feel free to set me straight.

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