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Re: NEW Avenue K9 BP 1.1 Theme Released




Thanks for the update. I had no issues with the 1.0 version but I am having a problem with the new theme at Any feedback you (and anyone else) can give is appreciated:

I’m not getting a 2-column home page. I have 3 columns and the Widgets admin page lists ‘first-section’, ‘second-section’, ‘third-section’, ‘blog-sidebar’.

When widgets are placed in sections they end up incorrect on the home page:

-widgets in first section don’t appear on the homepage

-widgets in second section appear in the 3rd column

-widgets in third section appear in the 2nd column

For all of the main ‘pages’ in the menu bar (home, blog, members, etc.), the main body section is not as wide as the top menu and bottom black bar.

An individual members’ page or a group page you’ll see that the background color (light yellow) do not run the length of the body but end after the menu.

Lastly! :-) and still on the individual members and group pages, the ‘See All’ link in the green section bars is appearing below the green bar. All you can see is just the top of the text link.

Mike’s and nighowl99’s site don’t have these formatting issues. I figure my issues are all related although I can’t figure out what would be causing the conflict. Again, anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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