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Re: New BP Chat plugin for Buddypress

Sam Steiner


This looks interesting but seems to have time resource problems. If this is ging to be a free plugin, why not release the code in order to let other build upon this and drive the plugin ahead? Maybe there is a possibility of releasing a version with some not yet finished features missig?

If this is going to cost something, why not discuss the price with those of us who will soon need to employ developers to create such a plugin?

Nobody seems to have a working released chat plugin for BuddyPress yet. These are the ones I have come across so far:

– this one of course:

– one is promised over at

– there seems to be something here:

Anyone know more?

Maybe we could get together and employ someone (or even “M”) to bring such a plugin into existance? I guess there are a few projects out there (like mine) that absolutely NEED a chat feature to go online (in my case, BuddyPress will have to replace an existing system thaat already includes a chat).

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