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Re: New BuddyPress 1.2 default theme



as per Andys comment at :

quote on new BP-default theme:

It wont be too long. I am working on this, it will more than likely be checked in on Monday or Tuesday. It will still need work done on it though even after that.

quotes on BP 1.2:

Signs currently point to late January for 1.2, but I will be able to say more accurately when a beta is released. This theme will be checked into trunk next week so you can start looking at it then. There will be more updates and changes, but hopefully nothing too drastic.

It is not going to be before Christmas, there is still much left to do and there needs to be at least a few weeks of beta testing. I would say January is looking more likely. It was going to be December before I decided it was important to change the theme for 1.2. That has bumped it back.


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