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Re: New BuddyPress 1.2 default theme

Arx Poetica


I really do like the re-theme, Andy. I hate to say it, but the previous them took up so much real estate on the screen, and the way panels and columns were laid out was pretty difficult to manage with css for making changes in child themes, for example.

I’m not going to fuss right now since I already built a child them off the parent (see, but one of these days I’ll convert over.

My two cents about IE6, people *really should* be scrapping as much as possible. It’s true that there’s still a substantial amount of people on IE6, and I’m not a hater (well, that’s not entirely true, I do hate IE6, ha), but when there are so much better alternatives to IE6, why continue to support something which, in terms of technology, is 90 years old. (I’m using dog years analogy here: the lifespan of technology is much shorter than humans, so you gotta adjust accordingly).

IE6 is on its last breath, no question.

The other thing is that BuddyPress *is* cutting edge, and I imagine people (maybe not the core team, but plugins developers) are going to start folding in HTML5 technology soon to what’s going down here. I know I plan on using such for my site in the not-too-distant future, and while IE is not HTML5 friendly period, and many browsers still have problems, IE6 is just out right the bane.

People need to realize that its support for IE6 is no longer a normal request. It *should* be a thing of the past, IMHO.


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