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Re: New BuddyPress 1.2 default theme



WPMU 2.9 trunk, BP 12 trunk, internal bbPress intstall


1. In Forum – Group Forum Topic – Edit Topic

I can edit Topic Title, Content but nowhere to add/delete Tags of any topic. Just noticed it now that Tag edit was not available when I needed to add some tags to a forum post. Checking BP 1.1 beta folder, I now see I lost that functionality way back when i moved from external bbPress to internal forum in 1.1 beta

– Will form for editing tags be brought into Edit Topic Page in stable 1.2?

In the meantime, I have copied the edit.php from bp-default/groups/single/forum/ to my child theme and added the template tag to edit tags.

2. Groups Directory page shows “There were no groups found.” when there are groups in this install.

– Possibly because bp-default theme is still in construction?

Groups Directory page in child theme of bp-sn-parent is showing up the Groups listed in that page.

Thank you.

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