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Re: New Code: show forum posts since last visit



I was hoping someone would take the “why are you using cookies” bait. :) Yes, we are aware it’s suboptimal because it’s only specific to the current browser. Here’s the big concern, though:

3sixty, I’d strongly recommend not doing it that way [using cookies to store “last post visited” info]. ISTM that it’s far better if you store this info server-side, not client-side:

In terms of being scalable, isn’t a cookie less overhead than a database query?? BP is so dynamic that I would assume it probably already generates an amazing amount of database queries… would I want to tax the server that much more by storing “last visit” info in a data table?

I’m hoping someone will tell me not to worry about it, but having been “shut down” multiple times in the past for excessive mySQL queries, I’m treading as lightly as I can. BP gurus, please weigh in here.

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