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Re: New FB Autoconnect Plugin for WP…will it work with MU/BP?



@Andy: I see what you’re saying, I guess. Keep in mind of course that any URL which is already publicly accessible on the web is pretty much public in the first place, so anyone (person or crawler) could stumble on it by accident – all I’m doing is pointing out to myself “Here’s where someone’s trying your plugin – let’s make sure it’s working right for them!” If the site happens to be hidden or inaccessible, then they’re on their own :) Now that it seems stable, though, this probably isn’t as needed…but I should mention that it was purely because of it that I was able to find some critical bugs in early versions that prohibited it from working in 99% of cases.

It seems to me that this is pretty much the exact same thing as how i.e. Google Earth sends usage statistics back to Google to help them improve their (free) software…

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