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Re: New FB Autoconnect Plugin for WP…will it work with MU/BP?



Your WP install doesn’t automatically tell you when a new version is in the repository? It should, 90% of the sites that were using the plugin had upgraded within the first 6 hours. I also announced it in the comments on the plugin homepage, and Greg announced it in this forum a day ago (“I’ve got version 1.0.8 with buddypress filters acvitated on my site if you guys want to try it.”). It’s up to 1.1.1 now. The changelog shows that it includes BP support. The documentation on my webpage also shows that it includes BP support.

From Andy’s test version it works quite differently; I didn’t document all the differences though as we’d asked that people not use the test version for the few hours it took me to get out a real one. In any case, there should no longer be any need to manually edit the plugin – there are filters and actions that let you accomplish whatever custom integration you want (and if you need another filter/action somewhere else, I can add it so there will never be a need to edit the plugin directly). I’m pretty sure the 2 actions & 1 filter I’ve included should be sufficient for most usual needs, though.

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