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Re: New Groupblog Plugin



Good idea r-a-y! It is summer vacation now, but I will definitely include some as our users start building their profile and groups with this plugin. These are some upcoming feautures:

* Construct the group_id, this allows us to switch blogs in the group and pull in the relevant information. (done)

* Construct the reverse blog_id, this allows us to have group based loops in the blog to display members, profile, activity etc based on the group id. (done)

* Allow blog registration at group sign up, much like how you can create a blog at site registration.

* Add members silently to the blog when they become group members.

* Different role caps depending on role within the group. By default members are authors, mods are editors and admins are admins.

* Allow the admin set role caps on group roles, e.g. the group admin only want its members to be subscribers. Or editors for a wiki type solution.

* Have an option to disable silent adding of members in case the group admin only wants (or needs) the group blog be accessible by him (or her).

* Create more templates. One we have now is a simple template that creates a menu from the page titles, which allows the group to behave like a cms.

We will also offer some blog templates to help make the blog look transparent to the information you display within the group so its transition from group to blog nad vice versa is seemless.

Thanks for your interests already.

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