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Re: New Groupblog Plugin



Each group can have only one blog attached to it, much like each group has a forum and a wire. Since it is an extension of the group, each member is added to the blog automatically with a predefined role cap. Just like each member can participate in forums.

Each component has a different role and it is up to you which you would like to have enable or disabled. Per definition:

– The wire acts like quick comments for the group, text only.

– Forums allow deeper discussions related to the group and are not as linear as the wire.

– Blogs have even greater functionality as you can have categories and tags, also, you have more post options such as photos and videos. Blogs have all WP plugins available to them, so your options for the group are endless.

Since you can build wp post loops in the group page there is a lot you could do with it. It is up to your imagination. If something would be obsolete, it would be the wire, as forum discussions supersede those.

The group creator has option to enable all, disable all, or any possible configuration. Each component will not show up when disabled as not to create confusion.

I hope that helps and thanks for your interest.

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