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Re: New Groupblog Plugin



@Boone Gorges, thanks for sharing that. I’m sure that could be helpful for many people. Personally I’m actually prefering to not have a group home page at all. Instead redirect the group home page to the blog home page which has the ability to pull in most if not all group related content. This way people can even set “themes” themselves for their groups.

@Erich73, I don’t see why it should not be compatible with 1.2. All versions after 1.1 are build on that code, at least until bp 2.0, asfaik.

I don’t currently have a website up and running to showcase, but would love to have one. I don’t have a domain available at the moment, and thusfar subdomains have not worked for me with Dreamhost. I now switched to HostGator, hopefully I will be able to do so with them. I’ll keep you posted as I have some other plugins I ported over as well.

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