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Re: New Groupblog Plugin

Mike Pratt


@mariusooms Now that was a response I can truly appreciate, and I do. I definitely see merit in both approaches and I am putting thought into an approach that satisfies my userbase’s needs. I don’t see any way around the problem you so eloquently laid out. Perhaps what we need is not so much a blog for groups, but a post-like-entry/edit mechanism to create content that is clearly part of the /group structure, lives inside that structure, has privacy and permissions consistent with that structure but gives users the opportunity to create content that falls into this category: more than a forum topic or posting, more than a wire posting -> sort of a “thought piece that has been traditionally the domain of blog posts ie with images, etc. that people then lend commentary to.

I need to figure out what vehicle/mechanism best lends itself to that structure. I’ll keep you up on what I discover, if anything.

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