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Re: [New Hack] Bumping Activity to the top when a reply comment is made

Mike Pratt


Rich – I have had this on the back burner for some time. Glad you took the time to get it going. Tested and works as promised. I noticed an interesting by product of the process. By virtue of the way you had to go about this hack (via date_recorded) we are left with a constantly updating time recorded on the original thread (as opposed to just the reply. I wonder if it would be possible to go about it a different way:

Getting the original post’s time stamp to stay at the original value and show the most recent time stamp on the latest reply, all the while having it bump. It’d be even cooler to have the reply only up top with an “in reply to” ref to the entire thread but that might introduce unnecessary splits of the stream (eg Do you put the reply in both locations?)

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