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Re: New Install Database Table missing error, pls help



jeff or anyone else,

i tried adding the tables myself and they show up and work just fine but it didn’t resolve my issue so i’m gonna assume i need to do what suggests in this thread but i want to confirm the steps and order of those steps. pls confirm these are the steps and order to remove buddypress and reinstall manually for a website that has been in production for awhile but recently upgraded to wpmu2.8.4a and bp1.0.3. i have data and members that i need to save.

1. Read the ReadMe file

2. Backup database

3. Backup themes, plugins, wp-config, .htaccess and entire site, etc…..

4. deactivate buddypress

5. delete the bp directory

6. manually delete the bp tables in the database (tables that begin with bp_)

7. manually install bp

8. do this

is that all?

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