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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

rich! @ etiviti


First, where is the “@ mentions” part in the BBCode that @3sixty is referring to?

Technically when Ajaxed Quote is enabled and someone quotes a post in the forums – the activity-update-filter will pick up the @username mention – thus if the user has the notifications turn on – they will get an email about it.

Second, should we be activating both BBCode and Shortcode sub-plugins?


Activate the “Forum Extras – BBCode” if you want to parse the bbcode into html prior to database update. (useful if you have external but also ok for internal). I’m a fan of this method as the process happens pre-save but when a user goes back to edit a post – they’ll see html


Activate the “Forum Extras – Shortcode” and then Viper’s Shortcode BBCode wordpress plugin – this will retain the shortcode bbcode markup in the database. All this does does is enable the shortcode filter hook on the bbpress post content. (buddypress already hooks shortcode filter on activity updates) – Downside to this approach if you ever deactivate the shortcode – you’ll see the bbcode markup instead of filtering to the html equivalent but when a user edits a post – they see bbcode instead of html.

Hopefully not too confusing. I’ll update the documentation in the next release (working on getting bbpress favorites enabled)

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