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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

still giving


Yes, it is “by design” that BBpress/BP Forums cannot do all the things normal users would expect from a forum.

I am not sure what design that is but it is a little depressing.

BBpress was already the prematurely born poor cousin of the Automattic stable before it was integrated into Buddypress.

I’ve asking to see the roadmap of where ever this is all going but it does not seem that, despite the corporate funding now, there is one.

And I think it is just all too much work for just one developer and open sourcers.

Against my wishes, I’ve pretty much given up hoping and would rather see phpBB3 integrated with WPMU, as per With WP3 coming up soon … they may be hope on the horizon.

Sorry to be so honest.

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