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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras



I use a plugin for quoting on a Vanilla forum that I run for about 1000 users (that I’m thinking of moving to Buddypress) that does exactly as I described. You highlight comment text, hit the quote link, and the text you have highlighted (only) is copied to the textbox with the appropriate cite/blockquote tags. Highlight nothing, the whole comment is copied, again with appropriate blockquote and cite tags. If that’s not the intended behaviour here and I’ve found a bug, I’ll see if I can hack it in myself using that as an example.

How would you expect it to know what you have quoted? … It is not like a mail client

I’ll add trying to not be insulting to my request to try not to derail threads. Simply because you don’t see how to do something doesn’t mean a) it’s not possible or b) it hasn’t been done before.

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