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Re: New Plugin: Rescue Me From Groups

Brajesh Singh


Well, The plugin was just a small hack, as I could not see any filters to accomplish what Greg wanted. So, I hacked around status to get rid of that.

About forums being part of group, I believe it should be better left to the site owners to decide and not to force them of a particular structure. Options are always better, so If possible, It would have been great to give the site owners the options.

Now about Plugin features.
It is easy to add an option to allow group admins to select whether to allow non members to post or not, I can add that easily. The difficult part id muting the text “You will auto join this group” as It is theme based and sniffing on gettext is not what I prefer as for something small as this the overhead will be too much.

May be we can request @apeatling and he may provide easier options like filters for disabing/enabling auto joining and a filter to mute the text.So this hack will no more be even required.

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