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Re: New to buddypress

Aditya Singh


I have created an excel parser/loader, that enables a user to import data directly into the table they want to from excel….as long as a user customizes the code-fragment depending on the fields present in the table, it is good to go…Will try to frame this into a plugin after 21st of this month…trying to get my site live by 21st…

re#4 (extra items in group header)
what i meant was : lets say I want to add “description2”, “description3”, “description4” besides the default “description”, and I want all of them appear on the group header page….now, I have modified the table structure so that it now has few more fields, i.e. “desc2”, “desc3” and “desc4”.
Here are my follow-up questions on this:
a. would it be a bad idea to do this way…i mean i have done it hoping that whenever buddypress is updated, my database will be left untouched…wouldn’t it?
b. I tried creating the functions for fetching desc2 etc based on function bp_group_description() in the bp-groups-templatetags.php, and calling it finally in group-header.php, but it does not work….am i doing something wrong??

Now this may be asking a lot but could you tell me what possibly could be going wrong here, or may be show be how this should be done, assuming a person has to
“fetch the details of a field XYZ in the table bp_groups”
in case altering with the table bp_groups is a bad idea, I could create a second meta-table with my parameters that has the group_id of the group whom the values of these fields correspond to….but in this case also, how do i fetch the results?

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