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Re: New Twitter Plugin for BuddyPress



@Gpo1: Not sure what you mean by all of that except your question about tweeting. Can you elaborate please?

Right now there is a separate page for sending new tweets. But we might integrate an option into the Wire screen. We’ll check into it before releasing.

As for Facebook, we might be able to add that via a different plugin since it doesn’t exactly pertain to Twitter.

@Kunal17: Search sounds cool. We could add a widget for that. Twitter search API is diverse, so we’ll have to figure out how to handle that without making a widget config overly confusing for plugin users.

We added a new feature to the plugin today: Rate limit detection. What – you didn’t know Twitter only allows X number of data downloads per hour? Ya, they do. So we’ve added code to help ensure that limit isn’t exceed (it should only happen in rare circumstances) and if it is then a friendly message shows up to let readers know that the tweet and trend content might be not entirely fresh at the moment.

Details: Twitter limits API calls to 100 per hour per user, or 100 per hour per IP address if you’re not authenticating whiile making an API call. So basically, those limits would only be exceeded if some BP user had plugins all over the planet each downloading their tweets or they were using a badly designed twitter plugin somewhere else (unlikely, but it could happen). Or, it could happen if a site is on a shared hosting account and lots of other sites on the same server are making Twitter API calls for trend or search data – again, unlikely, but it could happen.

So we try to handle those cases gracefully via code. And, so far I’ve not seen any other Twitter plugins for WP or WPMU that deal with those possibilities.

We try to be thorough (perfection is impossible ;-)

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