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Re: Next BPDEV plugin? Here your proposal

>> You seems to be too fb dependent :P

Mmm, I’m not dependent on Facebook (and I don’t particularly like it), but I’m smart enough to know that FB is immensely popular. A smart site owner will take advantage of that popularity instead of trying to compete with it. It’s hard not to support something that has over 150 million active users.

>> I already said, i will write that plugin only under payment, not free

I was trying to point out that it might not be necessary to write such a plug-in. The plug-in already exists (the one from Sociable, plus another one from a Facebook developer). It might only take a little tweaking to make it work with WPMU. Writing a plug-in from scratch probably isn’t necessary.

What kind of payment would you require to tweak an existing plug-in to work with WPMU?

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