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Re: Next BPDEV plugin? Here your proposal

Nicola, I hope you can accept some constructive criticism.

You have made tremendous contributions to BuddyPress. However, I think it’s ironic that you ask people what they want as the next plug-in, then you reject suggestions that don’t match your open-source philosophy. In this thread, more than one person asked for Facebook Connect, and other people asked for other Facebook-style features. I didn’t count all the requests, but I would say that Facebook functionality or integration is the thing that was requested most.

But you have an objection to Facebook because it’s a commercial operation and you prefer open-source. However, many of us need our sites to be commercially successful, so FB integration can be very helpful to us whether we like it or now.

So please don’t ask for requests and then reject the most popular request because you don’t like it.

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